The tavern

In Pramanta, one of the most famous large villages of the mountainous Epirus, high above of the magnificent mountains of Tzoumerka , is located the top butcher tavern of Mpoutzas. Just behind the church of Agia Paraskevi, in the beautiful square of the village, The Mpoutzas Meet Grill, has been of constant value, and since 1957 it has been offering excellent meat directly from the butcher shop of Mpoutzas family.


The visitor can taste veal giouvetsi or with tomato sauce, kokoretsi, sheep and lamb chops, goat soup and rooster cooked in casserole served with pasta, among other many quality and tasty options.


The lovely lady MS Helen will offer you soft cheese cream (galotyri), local baby goat with vegetables cooked in casserole, stuffed burgers, delicious meats and last but not least, local spoon sweets (sweet preserves) of carrot and pumpkin.


Mpoutzas meat doesn’t get you fat, gets you pretty!

Visit us and you will be surely convinced!

Each dish is a masterpiece!

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Χασαποταβέρνα Πραμαντα Ιωαννινων

Quality meats

Χασαποταβέρνα Πραμαντα Ιωαννινων

Delightful meals

Χασαποταβέρνα Πραμαντα Ιωαννινων

Delicious salads