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Πράμαντα | Τζουμέρκα | Αξιοθέατα
This large village of northern Tzoumerka will surprise you with the incomparable view it offers because of its privileged location at the foot of the Strogula peak (at 2,107 m) in central Pindos.


Pramanda, the capital of the Tzoumerka village and the largest community in its population, with 1500 inhabitants at the 1991 census, is built at an altitude of 840m. amphitheatrically, at the foot of Strogula (2,107 m), perhaps the most imposing peak of the Tzoumerka, in central Pindos.

The settlement stretches 65km. SE of Ioannina and 70km. NE of Arta, cities with daily road transport and communication and surrounded by the settlements of Tsopela and Christ, which are the progenitor’s cradle on the banks of Arachthos.

ramanta or Pramanta, as the so-called master village is commonly called, is thought to have been developed in the mid-15th century by locals and later by fugitives mainly persecuted from Epirus, who found refuge there because of its inaccessibility. Today the village has many services, a health center, schools, a lending library, shops, taverns, bars and lodgings.

The Cave of Anemotrypa

One of the places you should not miss is the magnificent cave "Anemotrypa", located near Pramanta, at an altitude of 900m. It was first discovered at 1960 and today 270m out of 350m length, is visitable. The cave has three levels, with impressive stalactites and stalagmites, waterfalls, ponds, Underground River and beautiful colors.


he top of "Strogoula" is 2112 meters high. It is located in Tzoumerka and its imposing volume rises above the famous capital village of Pramanta.

Kipinas Monastery

Kipinas Monastery, one of the most impressive monasteries in Epirus, perched in the pit of a tall vertical rock.

Syrako – Kalarites trail

The historic trail, starting at the site of the Stratonas, crosses the ravine of the Kalarritikos River and crosses the Skala River and ends at the Kalarritikos River. Starting from Stonehenge to Sirrako, and vice versa.

Saint Friday monastery

Χασαποταβέρνα Πραμαντα Ιωαννινων

Kouiasa pouliana track

Χασαποταβέρνα Πραμαντα Ιωαννινων


Hicking – Mountain climbing

Χασαποταβέρνα Πραμαντα Ιωαννινων

Rafting at Arachthos river

Χασαποταβέρνα Πραμαντα Ιωαννινων