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✓ We are at your disposal and ready to service you for any social event that you may be interested (family, business etc).

✓ Events can be organized in any of our rooms and halls, indoor or outdoor. We also have catering services so we can even arrange it at your place, again indoor or outdoor.

✓ We have got all the necessary equipment for it and we can organize events even for a large group of people.

✓ We consult you for the set up and for the appropriate decoration of the place, based on your needs and desires.

✓ Our original local products that we use in our kitchen, will respond greatly to any of your demands! The most recent example is the successful event that was organized by us, a wedding of a well-known person of our village in Tsopela Pramanton!

Local ingredients, non-negotiable quality, authentic and traditional, love and vision:
Our very own recipe of quality has got many ingredients, plenty of hard work and great effort in true values. That’s how we have won your trust and that’s how we remain on top and we can give to your best ever moments of your life (wedding-baptism) the value and the taste it deserves.


You have assigned us to organize the most important moments of your life (wedding and baptism together) and you have showed us total trust, so in result we are able to offer you and your guests not just the basic and total service, but something more, that added value that only our business can offer based on our long experience and our willingness for offer in a daily basis, since the elements consistency and respect to the client are the foundation and the main characteristics of our business!!


Don’t hesitate to contact us for any query you may have!